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Our Practice

Encompass Counseling is committed to providing counseling services that hold to the highest professional and ethical standards. We believe counseling may assist people in achieving a happy and healthy life, which includes successful relationships. We believe therapy should honor the client's past experiences, the experience in the here and now, and the client's strivings towards the future.

  • Talk Therapy

    Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is based on the core idea that talking about the things that are bothering you can help clarify them and put them in perspective.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. CBT focuses on solutions, encouraging patients to challenge distorted thoughts and change destructive patterns of behavior.
  • EMDR Services

    Standing for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a therapy that utilizes eye movements to reprocess troubling memories which can diminish or eliminate the physical reaction associated with those memories.
  • Anxiety & Depression

    Depression and anxiety are different, but people with depression often experience symptoms similar to those of an anxiety, such as nervousness, irritability, and problems sleeping and concentrating. But each disorder has its own causes and its own emotional and behavioral symptoms.
  • PTSD Treatment

    PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. It is natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic situation. Fear triggers many split-second changes in the body to help defend against danger or to avoid it.
  • Corporate Counseling

    Provide counseling services for employees of local businesses at their place of business.

Who We Treat

Encompass Counseling provides services for individuals, adults, adolescents and children as well as family and marriage counseling. We offer individual counseling by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)

    Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)


  • Elders (65+)

    Gay Clients

    Heterosexual Clients



About Us


My name is Jessica Harris and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC-6112) in the State of Idaho. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University. As a counselor, I utilize a systemic, strength based approach, primarily Cognitive Behavior therapy, to assist individuals and families with enhancing their existing assets to work toward their goals and hopes for the future. As the counselor provides a warm, non-judgemental, and empathic environment, the client is able to recognize their individual strengths and bring forth change towards self-actualization.

My beliefs encourage individuals to draw from strengths and experiences they already possess in order to navigate through life’s challenges and problem solve independently. When provided with a therapeutic environment, individuals are able to move through challenging life circumstances and learn more appropriate ways to traverse their world.

While the root of my therapeutic approach lies in the Cognitive Behavioral framework, it is important to understand that, at times, it may be necessary to pull interventions from other therapeutic modalities. It is important for you to communicate how you feel about the treatment approach as an adjustment to therapeutic approach might be necessary. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I also help individuals through play therapy and expressive arts. I am also a trained EMDR Therapy provider.


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